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Region je zahvatila maderoterapeutska groznica. U salonima, wellness centrima, hotelima, gosti sve češće pitaju: Radite li masažu oklagijama? Upravo zato, ova izvorno kolumbijska ideja mehanoterapije, sve se češće uključuje u menije wellness i spa centara...

Javite nam se i dogovorite svoj prvi slobodni termin.!


*** Maderotherapy @ Sarajevo by Mia ***

- Massage for body shaping and against cellulite -

Maderotherapy (tree treatment) is a therapy originating from Colombia and based on the use of anatomically made wood elements which makes 100% natural therapy without allergic reactions to the skin. This therapy is an alternative to regular massage for clients with disproportionate, localized fatty deposits and cellulite.
The advantage of using specially designed wooden elements is to allow intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and to remove fat deposits along with other toxins.
The technique of this massage involves a series of movements that are repeated using over ten different wooden elements. By applying these elements to the muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, we stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and thus release it from accumulated toxins. This release from toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat. Also, pockets of resistant cellulite are broken, the skin swelling decreases and the "orange peel" is handled.
100% Natural
100% Non-Innovative
100% No contraindications
Maderotherapy is recommended for:
Relaxing body and mind
Stimulation of the lymphatic system
Eliminate toxins
Acceleration of metabolism
Cellulite smashing
Burning fat
Tonus and tightening
Reduction of the volume goes deep within the skin, which activates the cells from the inside. Therefore, the therapy is particularly effective for:
Reduction of the waist
Eliminating sedative work on the hips
Defining legs
Tightening the thigh and leg
Reducing stomach volume
What is the pace of Maderotherapy?
Treatments are done 10 in the series, it is best to start the first one - the second day after the end of the cycle. The first results can be expected after a couple of massages, but for the right and long-term effects, at least three batches must be done.
Massages are done every, possibly every other day. If there is a sensitivity and a painful area, the first three massages can be done every other day, and then continue every day.
How long does the massage last?
The massage can last for 30 minutes where legs and gluteus are treated, and if the stomach is turned on and the waist massage takes 45 minutes.
Who does not recommend Maderotherapy?
We do not recommend massage to pregnant women and nursing mothers who are not advised to wait for at least 4 months to re-establish the hormonal balance to make the treatments full effect.
Treatments do not work during the cycle.
Also, people with extremely pronounced capillaries and veins are advised to come to consultations, although if the condition is normal, the therapy will be extremely pleasing because it stimulates circulation and blood flow.
Is the massage painful and does bruising come out?
The first couple of massages can be painful, and afterwards they move into a very relaxing and relaxing massage.
The bruises are not inherent in this massage, but can occur in hypersensitivity in the first series, as well as in unprofessional handling of wooden elements.
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